Thursday, May 11, 2006

Shambles at Elland Road as fans rush for tickets

Meanwhile chaos at Elland Road yesterday. The website said that the queue for tickets would close at 7pm. I hot footed it up the motorway to get tickets for myself and a colleague who is a Season Ticket holder. I arrived at 3.45pm to be told that the queue was closed. Near riot and after two hours about 200 of us were told to join another queue. Ten minutes later and we were told that we should not have joined this queue as it too was closed. Queue second riot and arrival of Radio Leeds who got the Chief Executive out to answer questions. Credit to him for coming out I guess but not much credit for such a complete and utter shambles.

A few small suggestions for the club should they be faced with a similar situation in the future.

1. Offer season ticket holders priority (I am not one) they deserve it

2. Don't offer season ticket holders 2 tickets

3. If you decide not to do 2 then do 1 and then do 4

4. Offer members 2nd priority after the initial period for season ticket holders

5. Finally if and only if there are other tickets left after season ticket holders and members then open sales up to the general public.

6. Do not under any circumstances allow people who are not a) season ticket holders or b) members to join as new members on the first day of sales and then promptly sell them play off tickets!

7. Open up the phones lines so that people can buy tickets that way. (Incidentally this also saves the environment from people like me who making 400 mile round trips)

8. Use internet sales - again saves the environment

9. Put on extra ticket office staff when you know you are going to have a rush

10. Don't put one thing on your website and then do something else

11. Communicate openly and honestly with the fans (For instance in each sales period explain how many tickets you have left and how many people fall into the relevant categories)

12. If you do put statements on your website which effectively say its every man jack for himself and its first come first served then do not be surprised when the world and his wife turns up.

Oh and incidentally the upshot of my attempt to buy tickets was that I have left completed postal applications which I have been assured will be fulfilled. Ho hum


Flo said...

Should save your time and money, mate.

Watford, 3-0.

Aside from my South Yorkshire roots counting against your lot, I was frankly disgusted with the thuggish performance at Preston. Dreadful.

Sorry, but you need class and style to be in the Premiership, not big boots.

Tony Ferguson said...

No chance

No Chance

You need to take your blinkers off and look at some of the preston challenges particularly in the first leg.

Fourth point - first things first.

Flo said...

Hey - I'm just going down the 8 yellow cards, 2 red cards and one broken leg route. But if Preston did a nasty tackle or two in the first leg, that obviously makes it all ok.

Besides which, Wattford finished 3rd and were definitely the best team we played all season. They deserve to go up.

Tony Ferguson said...

I think if you watched both games you would have a different view - but perhaps not. As to Watford - yes they are a good team but I find it surprising that you think they were the best team you faced. In this case the League Table does not lie. Reading were by far and away the best team in the division.