Saturday, May 13, 2006

Email received, credit card debited

Email from Leeds United this morning confirming I have a ticket. Checked the credit card and it looks as if they have taken for all three tickets I applied for on Wednesday.

Cardiff here we come

Super, super Leeds,
Super, super Leeds,
Super, super Leeds,
Super Leeds United


Brian said...

Take care of Eddie Lewis for us Yanks, please. :)

Good luck.

Nicola said...

Glad you got your tickets ........

Best of luck ...............

Anonymous said...

Your lucky at least you don't have to sit all weekend waiting............posted tuesday still waiting!!!

leila said...

Oh good, you have the proof that the money has been taken from your account. One would think, logically, that this would be a happy event but what happens is that the worry becomes disproportionately huge that the money has been taken but the tickets are not yet here. When they arrive (IF) then the worry will, no doubt, be whether you can make the match in time and find the right parking space. Tell me this, young man, will you be happy and not worry if they win the final play off thing or will you THEN worry about whether they stay in the champions premier champagne league!!! All in all a lot of worrying all round by you.


Tony Ferguson said...

It is a happy event indeed - but of course actual delivery of said tickets is subject to the vagaries of the postal system witness the problems of the Liverpool fans who found out that their tickets had been stolen from a post office van and who then discovered that the Millenium Stadium does not issue tickets. I am not worried about arriving in time or finding the right parking space (although perhaps I ought to be) but I will be nervous about the game itself. And yes if we win then of course the squad will need to be strengthened for the seasons ahead.

Incidentally the game is The Championship Play Off Final the winner of which will be promoted to The Premier League. The Champions League will have to wait a little bit longer.

And if I was not worrying about this then I would only be worrying about the fact that I did not have anything to worry about!!


PS cheers for the "Young Man"