Friday, May 12, 2006

Leeds to take part in most lucrative game in world football

Unless of course anyone knows different. I don't think any single football match anywhere in the world is as lucrative to the winners as the Championship playoff final. Kevin Blackwell described it as a £40m game bit I calculate that it could be worth over £47m to Leeds

The figures are made up as follows :

  • Share of Sky Revenue £9,000,000
  • Overseas TV revenue £6,500,000
  • Live matches £1,750,000 (say 5 at £350,000 each)
  • Central Sponsorship £500,000
  • Locally negotiated sponsorship £2,000,000
  • Gate Receipts £9,660,000 (say a 12,000 increase to 35,000 at £35/person say 19 league games + 4 cup)
  • Other £4,000,000 (perimeter advertising, merchandising and merit payments £475,000 per place)
  • Parachute Payments £14,400,000 (over following 2 seasons if relegated)

    Grand Total 47,810,000

And this is if the promoted club is relegated back to the championship the following season. If not then the parachute payments will not be payable but according to The Observer the clubs share of TV money will rise to £28m a season from 2007/08 onwards. Of course this also means that next years play off final will be worth a further £19m valuing this one off game at over £66m!!

We are Leeds, We are Leeds We are Leeds

We are Leeds, We are Leeds We are Lee-eeds

We are Leeds, We are Leeds We are Leeds

We are Lee-eeds WE ARE LEEDS

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C'mon LEEEEDS !!

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