Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mixed messages on energy

Blair wants nuclear although his statements appear to prejudge the governments own energy review due out in July. Elliott Morley the former environment minister wants renewables and I tend to agree with him. Meanwhile perhaps the best news of all is that Yvette Cooper minister of state at the new Department for Communities and Local Government is to announce plans to revamp designs for a new town of 10,000 near Cambridge and according to this article in the Guardian "among the ministerial demands for the buildings are good insulation, solar energy devices such as roof-mounted collectors for hot water, large windows on south-facing walls, water recycling, water-efficient fittings, and porous paving to keep rainwater in the ground rather than running into drains". Good news indeed but I just wish the government would stop taking baby steps and start to make some serious inroads into this issue by making these sorts of things compulsory in all new build.


Nicola said...

The new town sounds fascinating.

K&N are going through the whole eco building thing with their conversion.

I need to look at implementing solar power cheaply - dont think they are going to allow me any wind generation as it will spoil the view.

Very concerned about the Nuclear push.

Tony Ferguson said...

Yes the new town is great but yet again I feel it is too little too late. We need to make some bold steps sooner rather than later. If we agreed new standards for building plus installation of solar and wind (and meters / feed back to grid) in all new developments and forced all new build to have it from say 2 years time then the unit costs of a lot of this stuff would fall and retrofitting would become more economical