Monday, April 02, 2007

Squeaky bum time

As Sir Alex Ferguson has been known to say it has reached that time of the season that is "Squeaky Bum Time". Life is certainly hotting up at the wrong end of the Championship.

A few days ago I would have said Leeds were down. I am pretty sure not many would have predicted the result on Friday when Leeds beat Preston 2-1. They must be beginning to think we are a bogey team after we dumped them out of the playoffs last season. And what a weekend for the other results. Luton drew, Southend Lost, QPR Lost, Barnsley Lost and Burnley Drew. Leeds are off the bottom for the first time in god knows how long!

So what about the run in? Realistically it is still any three from the bottom six

19 Burnley 38 -5 42
20 Barnsley 40 -25 41
21 QPR 39 -15 40
22 Southend 40 -23 39
23 Leeds 40 -24 39
24 Luton 40 -20 37

Burnley are really struggling and could get sucked in although there goal difference and a few draws may save them. Barnsley still have to play Birmingham, Crystal Palace and West Brom. QPR and Southend both look in big trouble. Luton do as well although whether the new manager syndrome will help them will have to be seen.

Leeds appear to be finding form just when we need it. There are some big players yet to come back. The recent form has shown a real improvement. Critical will be the three remaining home games against Plymouth, Burnley and Ipswich - win all those (a big ask I know) and we are in with a good shout of staying up, anything from the other games is a bonus although Derby away as the final game is not good news.

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