Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Interesting reason for standing

I would not have thought this worth blogging about normally were it not for the reason that this lady gave for standing. West Berkshire has not normally had the BNP contesting seats but this time two BNP candidates have put up in Thatcham North. Then the Newbury Weekly News published this article outlining why one of the candidates had decided to stand for the BNP.

Apparently she "decided that enough was enough recently when her grandson came home from school after a citizenship lesson and said that he was learning about other religions."

I guess I always thought that that was what schools were for - education about things that our kids would not know about otherwise.

I tried to follow her line of reasoning to its logical conclusion.

Languages - French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin will no longer be on the syllabus - English only please.

History - well ok providing it is only British history

Geography - ditto

Politics - ditto

Art - ditto

Home Economics might survive I guess just so long as there are no foreign foods or recipes on the Food and Nutrition part!

I assume that Maths, IT, the Sciences and Design Technology would survive, but Latin and Greek and their associated history will I assume be just that - History


James Graham said...

Presumably though, we couldn't have history taught if it involved anything other than the British Isles or people from other countries. So, that's all wars and the royals off the syllabus then!

msdemmie said...

Poor lady sounds as though she needs to learn the difference between learning about and practising when it comes to religion.

It would be interesting to know if she has ever travelled outside Newbury - or eaten foreign food and what make of car she drives.

What a ridiculous attitude to take.

Joe Otten said...

It would be a pretty small maths syllabus if it left out Indian numerals, and all the work of Indian, Arab and Continental European mathematicians.

Anonymous said...

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