Monday, April 30, 2007

The fat lady has sung

At least barring some miracle whereby Leeds win by about 5 clear goals at Derby and Hull lose by a similar margin. Failing that Leeds will begin next season in League 1 (or Division 3 to the rest of us). Leeds have never been outside the top two tiers of English football and to think a few years ago we were playing in the Champions League semi final. Yes Mr Ridsdale we lived the dream and look where we are now. To be fair there are plenty of others along the way who need to take some responsibility for the situation we now find ourselves in given that as recently as a year ago we were in the play off final and within 90 minutes of a return to the Premiership

I will try to get back to more regular blogging following the local elections next Thursday but no promises as life has been somewhat frantic to say the least.


msdemmie said...

Not good news this morning either.

Has put the cat amongst the pigeons on the Betfair markets too.

Tony Ferguson said...

God alone knows what the emergency board meeting will bring - rumour is we will go into administration - not sure which season we will have to take the 10 point hit!

Tony Ferguson said...

Apparently the club have now issued an appeal for investors to come forward