Thursday, September 07, 2006

Looks like the trigger has finally been pulled

The trigger has finally been pulled on the assassination/starting gun and the in fighting within the Labour Party of the last few days, weeks and dare one say years had finally exploded.

Blair has been forced into making a statement later on today on his timetable for departure after seven junior members of the government resigned having signed a letter calling on Blair to go.

Speculation is rife in the media as to what he will actually say.

Will he go now? And if he does will this leave Brown with blood on his hands? Remember Heseltine never inherited the Tory crown.

Will he go in March as some suggest and bequeath the new leader a honeymoon period which may help Labour in next Mays elections?

Will he wait until May when he has been in office for 10 years?

Or will he as his friends seem to be saying stay on until July or possibly even later.

Today will be fascinating to see what Blair has to say about the timetable for his departure. But the following days and weeks will be just as fascinating as we all watch to see whether or not Blair can stick (or will be allowed to stick) to the timetable he has outlined.

Unless he plans to go by Christmas and says so publicly the danger for the Labour Party is that the internecine warfare will continue as the factions fight over both the timing off Blairs departure and the future direction of the party under the next leader.

Meanwhile don't expect to see much sign of sensible government over the coming months.

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Nicola said...

"Meanwhile don't expect to see much sign of sensible government over the coming months."

We havent seen any sign for the last six months ......... so that is no surprise!