Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gordon Brown A-Z - brilliant

This piece in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday was highly amusing and very appropriate.

I particularly liked -

C is for Chinese Whispers.

People sometimes suggest I don't know how to have fun. But my colleagues and I regularly enjoy a relaxing game of Chinese whispers. It keeps us all highly amused. I might begin a round by saying: "Tony Blair's adored" and it'll somehow end up in the press – don't ask me how – as "Tony Blair's a fraud".

D is for Disco Dancing.

The electorate has probably come to think of me as someone who is stuck behind his desk all day, doing a tremendous amount of hard work on behalf of this country. But I fully understand that people also want to know what makes me tick.
My departmental press officer was kind enough to remind me that I thoroughly enjoy disco dancing in the style of John Travolta. During my busy working life, I make a point of setting aside five or 10 minutes in every hour to jive to one of the great tracks on the Saturday Night Fever album.


M is for Musical Chairs.

A great favourite of myself and my good friend Tony. He has decided, of his own accord, and I fully agree with his decision, which was his alone, to retire from the game as early as possible next year. If, for any reason he decides not to, we will be forced to remove his chair from under him, for his own good.


MsDemmie said...

Now that did make me laugh !

(Was looking for a conference report!)

Tony Ferguson said...

I am not at the conference this year as I am not a voting conference rep and can probably find better things to do (although it is usually great fun). However, I did make it to number 20 in the top 100 Lib Dem bloggers! see http://ballotsballsandbikes.blogspot.com/2006/09/gobsmacked-to-be-in-at-number-20.html