Monday, March 05, 2007

The state of the NHS

More stories about the problems in the Health Service. Whoever takes over from Tony Blair is going to have their work cut out turning the situation round and convincing the public that they are serious about improving and protecting the NHS before the next general election.
This story from last weeks New Statesman is about West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust which is apparently one of the most indebted in the country and as part of its cost cutting measures it has decided to abolish antenatal classes.
First they told partners that they would no longer be able to attend the classes and now pregnant women themselves have been told that the service has been removed. Apparently teenage mothers and women expecting twins will continue to be provided with a preparatory course.
According to the New Statesman "The West Hertfordshire Trust, which runs four hospitals, says the removal of antenatal classes is only a temporary suspension. " Oh good so long as those women can hang on for a few months longer they should be fine!

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