Sunday, March 04, 2007

Not fit to wear the shirt

It is tempting to argue that most if not all of the Leeds players are not fit to wear the shirt but whilst it would be tempting to do so I for one will not do that whilst they continue to strive to avoid relegation.

Yesterday they went down 3-2 to Sheffield Wednesday through some pathetic defending but at least they had the spirit to keep on battling and fought back from 3-0 down.

I feel sorry for Dennis Wise what with players who tell the opposition what your team is going to be and Captains who don't want to play for the club. He wants everyone to get behind the players and would rather they had a go at him than at the players and was quoted as saying "They have got to be disappointed with the position we're in, but have a go at me, don't put my players under more pressure."

Fair enough but why should we lay off Nicholls? He is clearly not fit to wear the shirt. Billy Bremner must be turning in his grave to see a Captain of this great club give up in such an obvious way in the middle of a relegation battle. He signed a contract, he accepted the captaincy and he should be leading the fight. Instead of which he has asked to leave Elland Road and return to Luton. Still at least we now know that he won't lead the fight or can't lead the fight. He didn't even have the bottle to put in the request himself before anyone else got involved. Dennis Wise had already had a phone call from Newell the day before.

Best idea from the message boards on this topic is as follows : If we go down then Dennis Wise should name Nicholls in the last team of the season, at home. Then let the Elland Road crowd deal with him. The Romans had the right idea!

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