Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sort it out

This is becoming a complete and utter farce from a so called professional football club. Apparently the Leeds Chief Executive Shaun Harvey has stated that the club do not know which player leaked team news to Crystal Palace before Saturday's league game. Shaun Harvey said "While we know it happened, we do not know which Leeds United player it was. There are people at the club who know but they have not told us as yet."
He needs to have a word with Ken Bates pretty smartish and ensure that Dennis Wise informs him who the culprit is so that the appropriate disciplinary action can be undertaken. What is more this all needs to be done and an announcement about who the culprit is needs to be made before Leeds face Cardiff on Saturday.
Yes we got a great result against Crystal Palace last Saturday and Dennis Wise probable used this incident to engineer some of the required team spirit but this incident could backfire if it is not resolved quickly. The team must all be looking at each other wondering who it is and meanwhile some of the players are picking up a lot of stick on the message boards.
Of course maybe just maybe Dennis Wise has a plan and will unveil the player to his team mates just before handing in his team sheet on Saturday hoping to inspire them to another three points. If he does everyone will be happy.

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