Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ballots, Balls and Bikes or is it?

I have been running this blog for a little over a year now and the title was derived from those things I thought I would most likely be blogging about namely UK Politics, Football and Motorcycles.

The new version of Blogger has introduced the concept of labels and I have finally finished labelling all my posts so I thought it would be a good opportunity to see how my proposed theme for the blog has turned out.

There are 440 posts up on the site.


106 posts were labelled as UK politics with 54 labelled as Lib Dems, 16 Labour and 12 Tories (If only winning elections was so simple). 7 posts were labelled as US Politics, 12 were labelled as Iraq and 31 were labelled Environment. Most surprising of all given where I started was that 66 were labelled as Thai Politics (100 were labelled as Thailand so 34 were nothing to do with Thai Politics). When I started the blog the Lib Dem leadership contest was under way and so naturally I had expected to be commenting on UK Politics and I had no inkling that the democracy in Thailand was going to hit so many problems or that there was going to be a military coup.


90 posts were labelled as Football with 56 being labelled Leeds and 42 Reading. Not that surprising as a Leeds fan and a season ticket holder at Reading.


18 posts were labelled bikes of which 15 were also labelled as Harley Davidson.


I wondered about the imbalance between the number of posts on politics and football and the number on bikes but I guess the reality is that there is not too much to say about bikes from my perspective. It is just great fun to ride. Even better if you can combine two things and ride your Harley to the football match and ride it home again which is what I have done to most home games this season including two in January. Most of the posts have been pictures of bikes. The other big surprise was the number of posts about Thailand. I love Thailand but had no idea I would end up posting so much about it.

Maybe I should consider a rename to Bangkok, Ballots, Balls and Bikes!

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MsDemmie said...

Surely that should be Bangkok and Balls?

I am not going to wish Leeds good luck this afternoon !