Monday, February 26, 2007

No points and rumours continue

Once again Leeds picked up no points from Saturdays game although at least they only lost 1-0. We are firmly rooted to the bottom of the table and whereas a week ago three points would have lifted us out of the relegation zone we now need at least 5. Realistically it is still three from the bottom six to go down although I suppose one or two above that could get dragged in if they hit a really bad run of form.

Meanwhile behind the scenes the rumours continue especially if you are a keen reader of WACCOE.

Someone who claims that they used to work for Ken Bates has posted to the board claiming that the long term future is not with Ken Bates. Apparently Dennis Wise has no term on his contract and the gentleman's agreement is that he will stay whilst Ken Bates is in charge. Also according to them seventy percent of the squad are out of contract in the summer. Finally they reiterate a previous rumour that Peter Wilkinson is going to buy Leeds United.

Whether this will come to pass remains to be seen but I am sure that Ken Bates will want his pound of flesh before he walks away. there are all sorts of plans in the pipeline for the land surrounding Elland Road and I am sure that Bates has his eye on some of the huge profits that could be made from this redevelopment!


Anonymous said...

Commiserations on the Saturday result – I can’t believe Wolves now find themselves in with a shout of the play offs, let alone automatic promotion.

Chris Gee

Tony Ferguson said...

Hi Chris

Nice to hear from you. I think that for Leeds to survive this season will require a real miracle. Reality is likely to be that next season will see us in League 1. Rebuilding is going to be a long haul but I guess others such as Man City have done it

Ed said...

As a Yellerbelly I keep an eye on the results of all 4 Lincolnshire teams and hope they all do well but the world will truly be turned upside down if both my team (Norwich) and Leeds find themselves in the division BELOW Scunthorpe next season... :-(

Anonymous said...

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