Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pots, Kettles, Black

Those are the thoughts that came to mind when I saw this piece entitled Thailand calls for action on Burma on the Bangkok Post website.

The Thai government believes it is in a position to criticise what is going on in other countries. Specifically it is critical of Burmas actions against pro democracy activists and it is critical of the lack of action by the United Nations when a proposed resolution against the Burmese actions was not passed.

How the government of Thailand comes to believe that it has any moral position to adopt on matters such as these I am at a loss to understand. This government came to power by way of a military coup itself less than four months ago. Indeed it did so whilst the legally elected Prime Minister of Thailand was at the United Nations. Only three days ago the same government clamped down on the legally elected Prime Minister of Thailand by removing his diplomatic passport and forbidding the media in Thailand from reporting the comments of Thaksin Shinawatra or his lawyer. It is interesting to note that it is already clear that the media have already shown that they have no intention of obeying this order.

As it happens I am no supporter of the Burmese regime - but the fact remains that Thai government has no credibility in its attempt to divert attention away its own lack of democracy.

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