Saturday, August 19, 2006

Readings barnstorming start - Leeds lose

Leeds sadly lost to another late goal when Cardiff scored in the 84th minute. Judging by the reports I have read so far Leeds did not play well and lacked creativity and pace on the counter attack. Unless things start to improve particularly in the points department the calls for Blackwell to go will increase and he could yet be one of the first managerial casualties of the season.

Meanwhile I went to the Reading game with my Reading supporting to son to watch their first ever match in the top flight after 135 years. Reading started a little nervously and made quite a few mistakes in the opening period. Their passing wasn't quite up to it and often a Reading player would get the ball and dwell on it too long looking for options before being dispossessed by Middlesbrough. Downing opened the scoring for Middlesbrough after 11 minutes with the Reading defence clearly at fault. Middlesbrough doubled their lead 10 minutes later after Hahnemann spilled the ball to Yakubu who promptly stuck it in the net.

At this point the home fans were beginning to fear a cricket score and were praying that the final scoreline would not be too embarrassing. However, it was at this point that the Reading team stopped being nervous now that they had nothing to lose and started to play with some grit and determination. Slowly some confidence returned and Reading started to look dangerous. Kitson scored a scrappy goal and the self belief continued to flow back. The second goal by Sidwell was real class and more the sort of thing Reading fans had become used to last season. Lita scored a third early on in the second half and the come back was complete. Middlesbrough were unlucky not to equalise when Viduka had a goal ruled offside. Reading continued to have the better of the exchanges and played out the half with some confidence.

There is a long way to go and I am sure that watching Reading will have lots of ups and downs this season but the opener will have given the players the confidence that they can compete in the Premier League. My biggest concern would be the depth of the squad with Kitson injured today and looking likely to be out for a few weeks at least

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Barrie Wood said...

Leeds United's team seems so old ! You seem to have an over 30s policy only at Elland Rd.

And you lety the likes of pugh go - very strange.