Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mad goings on at Elland Road

21st July - David Livermore signs for Leeds from Millwall for £400,000

1st August - David Livermore joins Hull for an undisclosed fee

Well he obviously impressed in training then!! The official line from the club is "At the time of signing David, Kevin Nicholls and another potential midfield target weren't available to us. We then managed to acquire Kevin and things have now opened up on another target. With everyone fit, David is unlikely to play - so when the opportunity came up for him to talk to Hull, we gave him that choice."

This is so bizarre it beggars belief and doesn't bode well for the coming season which kicks off on Saturday. The clubs line on the acquisition of Kevin Nicholls might hold some water if it were not for the announcement on the official site the same day (yesterday) that Nicholls earlier injury was being described by the manager as "serious" see link here.

And why the undisclosed fee lets hope it is because Hull don't want to admit that they have paid more than £400k for a player who cost Leeds that amount less than two weeks ago. The alternative is that Leeds have made a loss on the player.

Roll on Saturday - but I fear a long hard season ahead


Nicola said...

How strange ......

Good Luck next Season

Chris & Glynis Abbott said...

Strange goings on indeed.

Chris Abbott

Thomas said...

I hope ya'll lose every game.

Tony Ferguson said...

I wouldn't expect a Chelsea supporter to understand that losing every game is already impossible