Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Leeds reject Royals

The bid by Reading for Kilgallon has been a big talking point in our household with a Leeds fan (me) and a Reading fan (my son). I go to watch Reading with my son and although I would be extremely reluctant to let him go from Leeds for as little as the rumoured bid of around 1.3m I think I would also be reluctant to see him join Reading. I am not convinced that he is a Premiership class defender of the quality that Reading will need if they are to progress. I guess the fact that they are bidding for him is indicative of the difficulty that they are having in strengthening their squad. Now if Reading would like to up their bid to say 3.5m then maybe Leeds should let him go!


Anonymous said...

Tony you seem to have ommitted the name of the player reading are bidding for in this article.

Tony Ferguson said...

If you click on the link in the header you will see that it is Kilgallon but I will edit the article to make it clearer

michele said...

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