Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Nominations Close

So it is official

There are three candidates to be the new leader of the Liberal Democrats and I am no closer to deciding how to vote

I think Nick Clegg might make a great leader in the future - but it is too early for him this time around. I notice he is backing Ming so maybe that says something.

Ming has gravitas and experience and would doubtless command the respect and support of the parliamentary party but will his age tell against him?

Simon would also no doubt command the support of his parliamentary colleagues and would I am sure be popular with the activists but would he be so popular with the country at large?

Huhne I feel is possibly one for the future. He is definitely bright and has much experience as an MEP but would he need to spend more time making sure that the parliamentary party was behind him? I don't know

and I am still no closer to deciding how to vote

but I am open to arguments

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