Monday, October 15, 2007

Ming quits

According to Sky News Ming has quit as party leader. The announcement was made by Simon Hughes and Vince Cable. Vince takes over as acting leader pending the election of a new leader.

Good news indeed. Ming was always a great foreign affairs spokesman but never made his mark as leader. Let us hope that we can now elect a leader capable of connecting with the electorate without references to things such as the "motor car"!


MsDemmie said...

So who is next then?

Tony Ferguson said...

Will be interesting to see who stands.

Hughes might stand but shouldn't and wont win in my opinion.

Huhne and Clegg will definitely stand and I would expect one of these two to win.

David Laws may also throw his hat in the ring as may Steve Webb.

Beyond those five I would be very surprised if anyone else stood

Anonymous said...

Ed Davey? Susan Kramer?

Tony Ferguson said...

Davey might throw his hat in the ring but wont win.
Kramer or possibly Featherstone might have a go. Personally I would prefer Featherstone out of the two.

Hughes has now sensibly ruled himself out of the contest.

I still think it will be a two horse race between Huhne and Clegg and I think Clegg will probably win it (so thats screwed his campaign). I will probably be supporting Clegg (thats screwed his campaign again) but the door to Huhne is still open in what will be a short campaign.

The greater pity is that we are not having a longer campaign to better test the metal of the two main contenders

MsDemmie said...

Tell me about Norman Baker - he has come to my attention as one who does not shy against asking awkward questions.

Tony Ferguson said...

Norman Baker - MP for Lewes Majority 8,47. He is currently Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Definitely a conspiracy theorist re Dr Kelly etc and as you say asks loads of akward and pertinent questions. Unlikely to stand in my view

His website is here

and his views on DR Kelly can be seen here

MsDemmie said...

Thank you - Dr David Kelly *Affair* holds considerable interest for me which is why I knew of Norman Baker.

I guess Dr Evan Harris won't be in the running either ?

Tony Ferguson said...

I have a lot of time for Evan - he is very sound but I dont think he will be running. My support will be going to one of the two "front runners". I will post more later when I declare my support

MsDemmie said...

Those are the two I know of because of the interest they have shown in causes that are important to me.

Anonymous said...

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