Sunday, November 26, 2006

Switch to eco bulbs

Great piece in last Sundays Observer about whether or not we should switch to eco bulbs.

According to this piece compact fluorescent light bulbs use five times less electricity to do the same job and produce 60-70 per cent fewer CO2 emissions than normal lighting. I was also amazed to be told at the Green Tea in Newbury (which followed the showing of "An Inconvenient Truth") that if every household fitted one of these bulbs we could shut down one power station!

Some good examples are shown here and here and given the green score for our household we will be stocking up on these.


Suz said...

I've been using them for years. In my flat they last for about two - three years not the ten years they claim.

They have also claim a comparable wattage but they are not as powerful as a normal 60 or 100 watt bulb. Because of my eyes I need strong light so I have them in all rooms except the bedroom main bulb and sitting room.

Joe Otten said...

They often don't appear as bright because the come on more slowly. After a few seconds when it is up to speed, you have stopped noticing.

But anway, Suz, get the next rated bulb up, or if you really have to, a fitting that takes 2 bulbs. You'll still be using a lot less energy.

ecofx said...

I also suggest replacing a 60W bulb with 15W energy-saving bulbs and not 12W, for example; it's still a massive energy saving!

What is the price of low-energy bulbs in the UK at the moment, by the way? In Germany the standard fitting is the E27 screw type, with a rip-off price of around 3 pounds in some stores, but a fairly easily findable price of about 70p in others.
I have only changed 1 bulb in over 5 years; although the bulbs do now take a minute to reach proper brightness, they are otherwise fine!

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