Friday, November 03, 2006

Prophets of Hope

Did anyone else get a press release from a group calling themselves the Prophets of Hope? Their statement read as follows:

"Last night (wednesday) climate activists carried out a daring night time art attack. Using powerful projection equipment the activists displayed their message onto leading London landmarks: St Pancras, Battersea power station and the Houses of Parliament.

The two pieces of projected text read "How ironic to live in fear of terrorism and die of climate change" and "The ultimate terror threat is climate change".

The projections were carried out by a group calling themselves The Prophets of Hope.

Mark Lynas (Climate Change Writer and Columnist) said, "Even if the targets in the Stern Review were met it would still lead to the extinction of half of life on earth. We need much more aggressive policies to tackle climate change than the government is so far envisaging. The message from thousands marching in London on Saturday the 4th November must not be ignored."

In the wake of yet another report pointing out the necessity for government leadership on climate change, Tony Blair again repeated the message of urgency. Since labour came to power, however, UK co2 emissions have grown by 4.4%, despite the government taking on a 60% reduction target by 2050. Since coming to power the UK government has been mesmerised by the treat of terrorism. The resources, time and effort expended on military action and anti-terror legislation dwarfs movement on the far greater challenge of climate change. Politicians must dare to take tough decisions, to edge our world back from the brink, and inspire hope in other nations.

The projections form part of a wider campaign that will see people taking to the streets in London and over forty countries this coming Saturday, to press for urgent action on climate change at the UN climate talks in Nairobi.

Prophets Of Hope Dare Labour To Lead A Low Carbon Revolution, By Example, Not Exaltation"

Did this really happen? I have not seen it reported elsewhere - maybe it was just a good bit of photoshopping!

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Calvin Jones said...

There is now a video of the projections up on youtube.